Small Lumen Ventilation

Both Ventinova's Evone and Ventrain enable ventilation through small lumen. In this particular case we use Ventrain as an example to explain the ventilation principle.















As shown in the cross section of Ventrain above, the gas flows via the inlet (1) through a very narrow nozzle (2) and exhaust pipe (3) to the outside. The flow entrains gas from port (4), which is connected to a catheter: active expiration. Insufflation occurs by closing the exhaust pipe. The bypass (5) functions as an on/off switch. When opened, there is no significant positive or negative pressure at the catheter tip, resulting in equilibration/safety mode.
The gas supply should be a high-pressure source, as acceleration of the gas flow in the nozzle requires approximately 2 bar at 15 L/min. However, the pressure at the distal end of the airway device connected to Ventrain will not be higher than needed to provide the inspiration flow set on the flow regulator.


The ventilation principle of Evone and Ventrain is designed for an obstructed airway. Therefore, it combines the advantages of conventional ventilation with jet ventilation: small tubes similar to the ones used in jet ventilation can be applied. But, similar to conventional ventilation, the remaining airway does not need to be open.



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