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Ventrain  is a single-use ventilation device specifically designed for difficult or obstructed airway situations.

Ventrain  is based on a fundamentally new ventilation principle: Expiratory Ventilation Assistance (EVA); and, therefore, offers important new features:

  • effective, full ventilation of a patient with an obstructed upper airway;
  • more therapeutic options in cases involving difficult airways;
  • connection for side-stream capnometry (this functionality is not available in the USA ).

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    Effective, full ventilation in a patient with an obstructed airway

    Ventrain  is the only ventilation device that provides full ventilation in "Cannot Intubate, Cannot Ventilate" situations.

    Ventrain  not only supplies oxygen during the inspiration phase, but also uses suction to actively remove gas from the lungs during the expiration phase. This active expiration has been named Expiratory Ventilation Assistance (EVA)



    Compared to jet ventilation, EVA considerably reduces the risk of intrapulmonary pressure build-up / air trapping, which may result in barotrauma and circulatory collapse. Additionally, using Ventrain  in combination with the cricothyrotomy catheter Cricath  enables an I:E of 1:1, while alternative methods can only obtain an I:E of 1:4 or 1:3. At a flow rate of 15 L/Min, the result is a Minute Volume of over 6 L/Min for the combination of Ventrain  with Cricath  compared to a Minute Volume of only about 3 L/Min for the alternatives. A high Minute Volume is necessary to re-establish adequate oxygenation levels as quick as possible in cases involving life threatening desaturation.

    NOTE: In the event of an airway emergency in a pediatric patient (< ~5 years old), a narrow bore endotracheal tube should be used as an alternative to a transtracheal needle catheter like Cricath. For example, a neonatal airway exchange or intubating catheter may be applied in such cases. Make sure to set the flow rate at a much lower level and adjust the I:E by carefully observing the patient’s chest, as the expiration phase will be longer with such catheters. For further assistance, consult the Instructions for Use of Ventrain.


    More options in case of a difficult airway situation

    Ventrain  offers various options in cases when difficult airways may be expected.

    Ventrain  can be connected to a minimally invasive, small bore transtracheal catheter such as Cricath ; bypassing the upper airway obstruction (e.g. a tumor). This provides more working space for the surgeon and also avoiding manipulation of the obstruction it prevents bleeding and swelling in case of a tumor. Alternatively, Ventrain  can be connected to an airway exchange catheter or the working channel of a bronchoscope, if nasal or oral intubation is preferred. Consult the Instructions for Use of Ventrain  for more details regarding which catheters can be used and which precautions to take.

    Ventrain  is designed for cases in which the upper airway is more or less obstructed. When Ventrain  is used with a fully open airway with a concentional endotracheal catheter, the ventilation will be less effective and potentially insufficient.


    Connection for capnometry

    Ventrain  has an additional female luer connector for the connection of side-stream capnometry tubing in order to measure CO2 levels in the actively expired gases. With jet ventilation devices, CO2 elimination can only be monitored by means of blood-gas measurement. Since capnometry is mandatory whenever possible, Ventrain  ventilation offers an important advantage to jet ventilation. For more information on this subject, visit the “patient safety” page.


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  • effective, full ventilation of a patient with an obstructed upper airway;
  • more therapeutic options in cases involving difficult airways;
  • connection for side-stream capnometry (this functionality is not available in the USA).


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