Now Available! Tritube

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Tritube, Ventinova’s completely new and innovative small bore endotracheal tube, now available for you!


With an outer diameter of only 4.4mm OD, Tritube is an ultra-thin ventilation tube intended to be used for obtaining endotracheal access to the airway and ventilating an adult patient with EVA technology (Expiratory Ventilation Assistance).




Tritube can be used together with Ventrain, the manual small lumen ventilator, and has three lumens:

  1. ventilation lumen – with murphy eye and an inner diameter smaller than 3mm
  2. cuff lumen – to inflate and deflate the high volume low pressure cuff
  3. intratracheal pressure measurement lumen – for continuous intratracheal pressure measurements


The combination of Tritube and Ventrain provides a solution for anesthesiologists and surgeons in the field of upper airway surgery and oral surgery, providing:

  • easy access to the airway
  • effective ventilation
  • a secured airway
  • a hygienic and clear sight for the surgeon
  • a spacious surgical site



  • OD of only 4.4 mm (<3 mm ID)
  • polyurethane HVLP cuff
  • use in combination with Ventrain



  • Emergency

    A patient with severe facial trauma has a completely obstructed upper airway. Mask ventilation fails, and the 3rd intubation attempt remains unsuccessful. Time is running out…


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  • Upper Airway Surgery

    Ventrain ventilation offers the solution in difficult airway situations: it enables secure ventilation and a better view on the surgical site.

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  • Ventilation of the independent lung

    The EVA technology enables full ventilation of the independent lung through a double lumen tube or a bronchial blocker without unwanted re-inflation of the collapsed lung.

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Ventilation beyond limits

Ventilation beyond limits

The unique and proprietary Expiratory Ventilation Assistance technology, also known as EVA, actively induces expiration. EVA shortens expiration time, increases the achievable minute volume and reduces the risk of air trapping.

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