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Full respiratory control
Ventinova’s new mechanical ventilator Evone is unique in controlling the inspiration as well as the expiration phase during artificial ventilation of a patient. Evone achieves full respiratory control in combination with Tritube, our ultrathin endotracheal tube: the expiration through this 4.4 OD tube is supported and controlled by suction. With Tritube, Evone is capable of slowing down the expiration and reducing sudden pressure changes in the lungs.

Small lumen ventilation
By enabling ventilation through Tritube, Evone offers several new possibilities for surgical treatment as expiration through an ultrathin tube provides anesthesiologists and surgeons in the field of upper airway and oral surgery not only effective ventilation, but also easy access to the airway and a secured airway. Moreover, the surgeon has a hygienic and clear sight and a spacious surgical site.


Available in 2018

Ventinova has received CE clearance for Evone in August 2017. We are supporting various clinical studies at European hospitals, among which our project Universitätsklinikum Freiburg (Germany) and Hôpitaux Universitaires Henri Mondor Creteil/Paris (France). These studies are funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 691519.
Evone will be available in 2018 for hospitals in countries under the scope of CE mark.

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  • enables ventilation through Tritube;
  • full respiratory control during ventilation.


  • Emergency

    A patient with severe facial trauma has a completely obstructed upper airway. Mask ventilation fails, and the 3rd intubation attempt remains unsuccessful. Time is running out…


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  • Upper Airway Surgery

    Ventrain ventilation offers the solution in difficult airway situations: it enables secure ventilation and a better view on the surgical site.

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  • Ventilation during lung separation procedures

    Evone and Ventrain enable full ventilation of the non-dependent lung through a double lumen tube or a bronchial blocker without unwanted re-inflation of the collapsed lung.

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Let's redefine patient ventilation

Let's redefine patient ventilation

Small Lumen Ventilation
Ventilation through ultrathin tubes, improving vision and space during oral and laryngeal surgery. Moreover, ongoing studies indicate that our ventilation method may be better for the lungs.

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