First clinical use Evone for ventilation during laryngeal surgery
Evone has successfully been used for ventilation during laryngeal surgery. The premiere of Evone’s clinical use was in an operating theatre of University Medical Center of Freiburg, Germany. Additional cases were performed at the University Hospital St. Luc in Brussels, Belgium. These first cases confirmed that in combination with our ultrathin endotracheal tube Tritube (OD 4.4 mm), Evone provides an answer to the need for more space during oral/laryngeal surgery. The combination enables adequate and safe ventilation with a secured airway, providing a solution for anesthesiologists and surgeons in the field of upper airway surgery and oral surgery. Moreover, the patient can be liberated from ventilation using Evone’s jet ventilation mode with a deflated cuff, reducing cuff-related stimuli in the trachea. Read more about Evone.