How to reach Ventinova

You can visit us at:

Ventinova Medical B.V.


De Lismortel 31

5612 AR

The Netherlands


You can contact us by:

Phone: +31 (0)40 7516020




Route description:

Our office is located at the campus of the TU/e Science Park in Business Centre Catalyst.


Entrance at the Insulindelaan (De Zaale): After passing the barriers, turn right at the T-junction

(De Rondom). At the next T-junction turn right again (De Lismortel).

After about 150 meters, Business Centre Catalyst is located at your right side.

Here you need to park your car in the parking garage (ground level), located on De Horsten at the right side road (between the MultiMediaPavillion building and Business Centre Catalyst).

For further parking details and instructions click here.

(the parking spaces located in front of the Business Centre Catalyst are only intended for TU/e)


Click here for a route map of the TU/e Science Park with directions to Business Centre Catalyst.


You can reach our office also by public transport. Bus line 104 stops at the bus stop "Lismortel", which is in front of our office.


Click here for the bus line route map and click here for the time table of bus line 104.



  • Now Available! Tritube

    Tritube is an ultra-thin ventilation tube for adult patients. It provides easy access to the airway, a secured airway and a spacious surgical site.

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  • Ventrain

    Ventrain  not only supplies oxygen during the inspiration phase, but also actively removes gas from the lungs with Expiratory Ventilation Assistance.

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  • Cricath

    Cricath is a flexible 2 mm needle catheter for quick and easy cricothyrotomy. A number of smart features result in easier handling and reduced risk of kinking.

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  • Ventrain Emergency Kit

    The Ventrain Emergency Kit contains Ventrain and Cricath in one kit for full ventilation in a ‘Cannot Intubate, Cannot Ventilate’ situation.

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  • Emergency

    A patient with severe facial trauma has a completely obstructed upper airway. Mask ventilation fails, and the 3rd intubation attempt remains unsuccessful. Time is running out…


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  • Upper Airway Surgery

    Ventrain ventilation offers the solution in difficult airway situations: it enables secure ventilation and a better view on the surgical site.

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  • Ventilation during lung separation procedures

    The EVA technology enables full ventilation of the non-dependent lung through a double lumen tube or a bronchial blocker without unwanted re-inflation of the collapsed lung.

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Small Lumen Ventilation

Small Lumen Ventilation

The unique and proprietary Expiratory Ventilation Assistance technology, also known as EVA, actively induces expiration. EVA shortens expiration time, increases the achievable minute volume and reduces the risk of air trapping.

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