The credit for the invention of Evone and Ventrain goes to Prof. Dr. D. Enk, MD. PhD,  anesthesiologist at the University Hospital Munster. Specializing in airway management for more than ten years, Prof. Enk fully committed himself to the research on a flow-controlled ventilator allowing safe and efficient ventilation of patients through a ‘straw’, even in case of airway obstruction. His initial idea has been further developed in close cooperation between Ventinova Medical and Prof. Enk’s clinical research group.


Ventinova Medical BV

Ventinova Medical develops and markets innovative medical devices. The products that are currently on the market are Ventrain, the ultrathin entratracheal tube Tritube and our 2 mm transtracheal catheter Cricath. Mechanical ventilator Evone is soon to be launched. Diversity is the strength of our team. It consists of experts on research, development and marketing, production and regulatory affairs. Our partners are: Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, Eindhoven University of Technology, TU/e Innovation Lab, Medica Europe, Panton, University Medical Center Groningen, Synns etc. Thanks to our network, skills and access to state-of-the-art technology, we are able to develop concepts that surprise the medical field. The development of Ventrain is enabled with contribution of The European Regional Development Fund in the framework of OP-zuid and the Dutch government.