Diversity strengthens a team. Our team consists of experts on marketing, research and development, production and regulatory affairs. This variety of team members enables us to do what is needed to make a medical product out of a technology and bring it to the market. Our team is used to inspire each other in discussions about strategies, marketing plans, studies and processes. We are convinced that working in close conjunction with each other is valuable for improving ourselves and enjoying our activities.


Dirk van Asseldonk



Being an entrepreneur since 2004 and working in airway management and patient ventilation since 2007, Dirk has an extensive global network in this medical field. He loves to closely cooperate with leading doctors to fit their needs to new product developments. His clear vision on how to put highly innovative products in the market helps him to enlarge the acceptance and added value for the medical professional. Additionally, supply chain strategy is one of his fields of expertise: after his masters in Chemical Engineering, Dirk started his career at Unilever in supply chain management and then continued at Unilever as a brand manager / marketer. Dirk is considered to be an inspiring leader for his own team as well as for partnering organizations.


Rienco Verschelling



Rienco joined Ventinova in June 2016 as COO and is responsible for managing design and development, supply and logistics. Rienco has more than 12 years’ experience in these fields within the medical device industry. He has an engineering background in various industries including telecommunications, machine building and warehousing. Rienco gained significant management experience in general management and program management, managing multidisciplinary teams and programs bringing products to market, securing inventory availability and creating new opportunities.


Rienco: “Creating innovative solutions that make a difference for customers and patients and making them available for those that benefit is what we do at Ventinova. I’m proud to be a member of that team”.


Dietmar Enk

Medical Consultant


Prof. Dr. med. Dietmar Enk completed his training in the Department of Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care at the University Hospital in Muenster (Germany). He was board-certified in 1996 and became a consultant anesthesiologist in 1999. Since 2006 Prof. Enk has been working in the Department of Anesthesiology at the Maastricht University Medical Center in Maastricht (The Netherlands) with a clinical focus on pediatric anesthesia. In the last two decades regional anesthesia and especially airway management have been his favorite subjects of scientific interest. His ambition to optimize current techniques and to improve daily procedures led to the development and refinement of numerous products.



Paul Theunissen

RA Manager
Paul supports Ventinova Medical (formerly Dolphys Medical) with regulatory advice since 2010. As of 2013, Paul ’s role changed to Regulatory Affairs Manager of Ventinova. In this role, Paul is responsible for securing market access in all target countries. Paul holds a masters degree in electrical engineering and has over 15 years experience in medical device development. Paul has worked with a number of medical device manufacturers and arranged market access for their devices in the EU, USA, China, Canada and several other countries.
Paul: “With its lean processes and documentation structure, Ventinova is now very well equiped to handle the changing regulatory environment in an efficient manor”.


Willem van den Biggelaar

QA Manager


Willem starts his career in 1985 after receiving his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and has worked for 12 years as software engineer, system tester and project leader. In 1997 he switches to the role of quality assurance and medical device regulatory and has been working for a large number of legal manufacturers of medical devices and suppliers of medical components in both development and production environment. Willem is a certified DEKRA lead assessor for ISO 13485 including CMDCAS. Willem is per 2014 the QA manager of Ventinova.


Willem: “Getting medical devices to the market in an efficient and effective way of working is the motivator for me for doing my job as QA manager.”


José van der Hoorn

Clinical Validation Officer


After obtaining her PhD degree in the area of cardiovascular diseases at the Leiden University in 2008, José became a project leader in the field of metabolic diseases at The Netherlands Organization of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) in Leiden, where she closely collaborated with pharmaceutical industries and academic medical centers. She is very experienced in designing and executing study protocols and has a good track record for publishing and presenting her research. José joined Ventinova Medical in February 2015 and is responsible for clinical development and validation.


José: "Developing, refining and validating novel tools to ultimately improve medical care is really motivating and satisfying."


Caroline Abeln

Product Manager Disposables


Caroline has been working for Ventinova Medical since January 2007.

As product manager Ventrain, Cricath and Tritube, Caroline is highly motivated to train and educate distributors and end-users in the use of our products. Being in the operating room to help show the clinical benefit of Ventinova products is one of the activities she regularly performs and enjoys.

Knowing the products and understanding the Ventinova ventilation concept thoroughly, contributes to a major extent in the support she can provide to Ventinova’s (potential) customers. Building relationships is her natural strength.


Caroline: “Having the chance to take on more and very different responsibilities is something unique and has been/is very challenging and motivating.”


Guido van der Reijden

Account Manager


Guido joined Ventinova Medical in 2008 as a product developer within a chemistry project. Soon multiple projects were added in the field of ventilation and anesthesiology. With a background in biochemistry it gave him a great chance to develop his knowledge in this ‘new world’. After five years of developing, he moved into the commercial department as an export manager and direct sales representative.


Guido: “Perform clinical trials, discuss about and sell the products we have developed ourselves is very satisfying and gives a lot of energy.”


Johan Custers

Lead Developer


After obtaining his PhD degree in the area of Physical/Colloid Chemistry in 2006 at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Johan continued the research on an innovative softening technology at Afira Water Technologies. This promising technology, called ColdSoft, was further developed at Afira under his supervision up to an applicable process. Since July 2013 Johan has continued his career at Ventinova Medical as senior product developer. At Ventinova he gained experience in developing medical respiratory equipment and currently he is project leader of the main development project of the company. Johan has earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in physics at the Open University in the UK.


Johan: “I like to be busy with new and innovative ideas that matter, which blends well with the philosophy and mission of Ventinova.”


Léon Stemkens

Product Developer


Léon has been working for Ventinova Medical (formerly Dolphys Medical) since 2004. Before that he started his professional career at Diosynth in Oss. A supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients. With Ventinova Medical his career has been divers, starting as a product developer on the PolyPulse technology and gradually taking on other responsibilities as development and testing of innovative medical devices. In the period of 2008 till 2014 Léon was also part-time working as a product developer on the ColdSoft Technology within Afira Water Techologies, a sister company of Dolphys Medical. Since 2014 he is also responsible for the QC analyses of all Ventinova products. Léon graduated in Chemistry.


Léon: “Being involved in the development of innovative medical devices from a drawing on paper to the final product in the market gives me a lot of satisfaction in this job."


Vanessa Hof

Assistant to CEO / Office Manager


Vanessa started working for Ventinova Medical in April 2015 and is responsible for the secretarial support and office management. Vanessa started her professional career after graduating the higher education “Office Management” at High School Schoevers and has a degree in NIMA-Communication-A as well. Vanessa has gained her experience within several, different, international and commercial companies.


Vanessa: “Within Ventinova Medical I have the opportunity to fulfill my ambition on covering as much workload as possible for the manager(-s) by taking care of a good preparation, advanced screening and executing all over secretarial and office support for the daily and long term effective course of things.”


Irma Ekelhoff

Financial Officer


Irma joined Ventinova Medical in May 2016 and is responsible for all accounting activities and financial reporting. Irma has a wide work experience: she worked for several SME’s, an international high tech company and as project administrator for the Eindhoven University of Technology.


Irma: “I like to contribute to a controlled growth of Ventinova”.


Sandra Ramakers

Customer Support / Supply Chain


Sandra joined Ventinova Medical in December 2015 as a Quality Control Analyst, and was quickly involved in other processes as well, such as logistics and supply chain. In her current function as Junior Supply Chain Officer she works to maintain the balance between lean and efficient production, high quality and swift shipment of products to the customer. Her hands-on mentality makes her an asset to the team in getting things done quickly as well as properly.


Sandra: “I’m proud to be part of this diverse organization that creates innovations which are changing the world of ventilation techniques as we know it.”



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    Ventrain  not only supplies oxygen during the inspiration phase, but also actively removes gas from the lungs with Expiratory Ventilation Assistance.

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Small Lumen Ventilation

Small Lumen Ventilation

The unique and proprietary Expiratory Ventilation Assistance technology, also known as EVA, actively induces expiration. EVA shortens expiration time, increases the achievable minute volume and reduces the risk of air trapping.

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